Working on Serverless Apps

So to quickly recap, we've split our real world Serverless app into two repos, [one creates our infrastructure resources]({{ site.backend_ext_resources_github_repo }}) and the [second creates our API services]({{ site.backend_ext_api_github_repo }}).

We've also split our environments across two AWS accounts; Development and Production. In this section, we are going to look at the development workflow for a real world Serverless app.

Here is roughly what we are going to be covering:

  • [Developing your Lambda functions locally]({% link _chapters/ %})
  • [Invoking API Gateway endpoints locally]({% link _chapters/ %})
  • [Creating and working on feature environments]({% link _chapters/ %})
  • [Creating a pull request environment]({% link _chapters/ %})
  • [Promoting dev to production]({% link _chapters/ %})
  • [Rolling back]({% link _chapters/ %})

Let's start with how you work locally on your Lambda functions.